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Ekaterinburg (ready to move)

Male, 29 years

Citizenship: Russia

Work experience

6 years

September 2016 — now

Leading Aircraft Reliability Engineer

UWCA (Aircraft manufacturing and repair), EKATERINBURG

Job responsibilities:
- Investigation of aircraft that were prematurely decommissioned, determination of the cause of the defect and development of measures to exclude re-occurrence;
- Preparation and conduct of research with representatives of the customer (operating organizations), followed by participation in negotiations on the results of the research;
- Participation in the commissions for the investigation of aviation accidents;
- Planning, carrying out and monitoring the effectiveness of the implemented measures based on the results of the work done.
- Compilation of annual reports with statistical data and performance charts on the conducted research and implemented activities.
- For 2017-2018 I passed two successful unscheduled certifications from category III engineer to leading engineer;
- In 2018 and 2021 I attended a conference in the Society of Independent Investigators of Aircraft Accidents (ОРАП) in Moscow;
- In 2019 I received gratitude for the high-quality research, professionalism, initiative and dedication to corporate values.
- I went on business trips to the Ufa and Samara universities to participate in trade fairs with a presentation of UWCA;
- In 2018 with the financial assistance of the management of the enterprise, I organized a skydiving club for UWCA employees



2016 г.

Samara State Aerospace University, Samara

Faculty Air Transport Engineers

Specialization Maintenance of aircraft and engines

Knowledge of foreign

English (Conversational)

Computer knowledge:

Advanced user

Microsoft Office, Компас-3D, 1С.

Driver licence:

Categories B (2017 г.)

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Precision and attention to detail
Work with people
Ability to make decisions
Analytical thinking
Grammatically correct speech
Strategic thinking

 Your hobbies:

I go in for skydiving at an amateur level. Participated in competitions for landing accuracy, in demonstration jumps at various events, including the anniversary of UWCA. I have experience in the parachute service related to packing various types of parachutes and preparing clients for jumps. At the university, I was the team captain and assistant chief of the skydiving club. I have experience of performing in front of a large audience. I lead a healthy lifestyle and keep in excellent physical shape. I have a gold honors mark of the "Ready for Labour and Defence". I play guitar and sing songs. If I take up work, I give myself to it completely and try to do everything efficiently and on time, so that I do not have to redo

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